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How to Become a Zazzle Proseller





ProSeller Program

How It Works

Zazzle ProSellers are the most successful Sellers on Zazzle. We are very proud to recognize your accomplishments within the Zazzle Community and we look forward to supporting and accelerating your continued growth and success!

The 2011 ProSellers program is a FREE, invitation-only Seller benefits program. As a part of the program, members will enjoy exclusive benefits aimed at accelerating the growth and success of their business on Zazzle.

Qualifying is easy and based on lifetime earnings – Basic ProSellers only need to earn $100 to participate!


The Benefits
The Requrements



2011 ProSeller Benefits Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
  Official ProSeller Badge Included Included Included Included Included
  Annual Free Business Cards (100)   Included Included Included Included
  Limited Edition Silver Printed Shirt     Included Included Included
  Limited Edition Gold Embroidered Hat       Included Included
  Limited Edition Embroidered Jacket         Included
ProSeller Community          
  Free Seller Conference Invitation Included Included Included Included Included
  ProSeller Forum Access Included Included Included Included Included
  Bronze ProSeller & Up Forum Access   Included Included Included Included
  Silver ProSeller & Up Forum Access     Included Included Included
  Seller Conference VIP Access       Included Included
Marketing Support          
  ProSeller Newsletter Included Included Included Included Included
  New Product Launch Notifications   Included Included Included Included
  New Landing Page Notifications     Included Included Included
  Priority Marketing Campaign Consideration       Included Included
  Merchandising on Top Landing Pages       Included Included
  Access to Employee Promotions         Included
  Custom Decorated Landing Page Strip         Included
  Access to Product Samples Program     Included Included Included
  Feature Request Telecon       Included Included
  Access to 1-800 ProSeller Support   Included Included Included Included
  Access to Premium ProSeller Support       Included Included
  Access to Elite ProSeller Support         Included

*Diamond Level members will be personally contacted about their benefits


ProSellers are categorized into six levels based on their total lifetime earnings from Zazzle’s U.S. domain ( Benefits vary for each level. Zazzle calculates eligibility for all levels on a monthly basis. Qualifying members will be notified via email.

All ProSeller memberships are subject to cancellation if members do not comply with all Zazzle marketplace policies. Silver ProSellers and above must earn at least $100 from within each calendar year to maintain their ProSeller status. Instances of Sellers no longer qualifying for their current levels will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any ProSeller whose status changes will be notified accordingly.

2011 Requirements
Lifetime Earnings Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond*
$100+ $1000+ $25,000+ $100,000+ $250,000+ $500,000+

*Diamond Level members will be personally contacted about their benefits


How are lifetime earnings calculated?It’s simple and straight-forward. Lifetime earnings are based on the total royalties, referrals, and volume bonuses that you’ve earned since your first sale on We invite new Basic Level ProSellers and graduate qualifying ProSellers on a monthly basis.

Can I combine my earnings from multiple stores?Absolutely. Earnings from multiple stores are captured through your presiding Member Profile. It’s just that easy! Learn more about Member Profiles.

How will I be notified?Sellers who qualify will be notified via email.

How long can I be a member?Membership for the program is 1 year. Beyond this, you can be a member as long as you meet the program requirements above.

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Simple Zazzle Text Customization for Personalized Products that Sell

     Zazzle products available with personalization or customization templates sell better overall than other products.  Adding a ‘personalize it’ field is a simple way to involve your customers in the designing process. 

     Here is a walk through for adding a text template to a sticker.  The same steps apply to any product you wish to make available to purchasers for personalization. 

     At the top of your Zazzle page, you see a bar across the page.  Click ‘CREATE’ and choose the product you wish to create, a sticker in this case. Click on it.  Do not add ‘TEXT’ at this time.  Upload your image and click the ‘MAKE IT NOW’ button.  (You also have the option of clicking cancel at the bottom of this box and using the ‘ADD IMAGE’ button instead.  This is useful if you have already uploaded your image to your own Zazzle image gallery).






Next, make sure that your image row is selected and position your image using the  left, right, up, and down arrows. To resize (smaller or larger) your image, click the magnifying glass plus and subtract symbols.








We will be adding the text “This book belongs to Joe Bookworm”.  Select the ‘ADD TEXT’ button and type your words in the box that appears and click ‘OK’.

Make sure the text row is selected and use the ‘f” to select a different font, use the plus and minus arrows to change the size, and click on the color square to choose the color of your text.  See my tutorial for how to use colors not available from the Zazzle choices shown.















Create the ‘Personalize It’ template field by clicking the two overlapping gears (see illustration below), click ‘Make this a Template Object’ and type instructions such as ‘Your name here’ in the top Text Box and click on any blank area on the page to close the box. 









Now it will be easy and simple for your customers to add their own name or text to your final product.  The procedure can be repeated if you wish to add more text, or if you wish to add text that is not available for customization and that is meant to remain on the product, simply do not use the step involving the gears.  Below is how your product will appear in the marketplace, ready for a customer to fill in the template field and click ‘BUY’.  Now one last step.

To finish your product, click the “POST FOR SALE’ button just under the boxes in which we have been working,  and you are done!

A Sample Product from Stuccoloco (click pic to view details)

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