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Customize My Little Pony t-shirts for Kids!

 Little Pony now offers apparel on Zazzle! May be customized for your child.  Add text such as a name and/or add a photo. Sure  to delight a child this Christmas

My Little Pony shop on Zazzle

Illustration (left) shows the ‘customize it’ button circled in black.

To personalize a t-shirt go to the My Little Pony shop (click link above) and click on the picture of the product you wish to customize.  Once there, click the ‘customize it’ button (may have to click the 1. Customize it bar to the right of product picture once on the customize page) and click ‘add text’ or ‘add image’ and use the arrows and buttons to move, resize, etc.  Easy and intuitive. 

Children’s  and Favorite Brands

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The Official Guide to Design Content on Zazzle

What content is acceptable for designs on Zazzle?

This is an important question and new designers sometimes find themselves in hot water when posting products for sale that have copyrighted, trademarked or questionable content on them.  The following verbatim reprint of the official Zazzle guidelines will help you steer clear of these disturbing and often disruptive issues.

Acceptable Content Guidelines

We would like for everyone to enjoy all the products that Zazzle has to offer. We fully respect the rights to free expression, and are thrilled that Zazzle products enable people to express themselves fully in the real world.

To ensure that Zazzle continues to be enjoyed by everyone, we have a few rules that we ask for everyone to abide by. The following content is not permitted at Zazzle:

  • No text or images that infringe on any intellectual property rights including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity
  • No text or images of obscenity, pornography or nudity that is not artistic in nature
  • No text or images that encourage or glorify drug use/abuse
  • No excessive violence
  • No content that is libelous or defamatory
  • No content that can reasonably be viewed as harassing, threatening, or otherwise harmful
  • No hate speech
  • No content that can reasonably be viewed as discriminatory based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability
  • No content that violates or encourages anyone else to violate any law

Any products that are deemed unacceptable by the rules above, or deemed offensive or in bad taste at the sole judgment of Zazzle will have the products cancelled and removed from the Marketplace with or without notice.

Zazzle Content Ratings

You must also comply with our Ratings System when posting your products. Choose the link corresponding to your Zazzle portal to view its specific ratings system.

If you have any concerns about a product, please click the “Report Violation” link on the product page, or you can contact our Content Management Team at

Click this illustration to see complete list of world famous brands available for customization and purchase

Customization Of Officially Licensed Merchandise

Zazzle is proud to be in association with a myriad of content partners. With the power of Zazzle, you have the ability of online customization for your favorite movie characters, music artists and branded products. In addition to our Acceptable Content Guidelines, we ask you to follow a few more rules.

Here you will find the guidelines of what is generally prohibited for printing on officially licensed merchandise:

  • No text or images that may be considered offensive or be controversial to others in any manner
  • No sexual connotations
  • No images or references of illegal drugs
  • No names of politicians or political statements
  • No business advertising
  • No church names, company names, school names, abbreviations of school names or sports teams, trademarks, slogans or tag lines
  • No events other than those with a family name incorporated (“Johnson Family Reunion”)
  • No text or images that may place the brand or any of its affiliates in a negative light or which the brand does not wish to have placed on its products

For Appropriate Use Guidelines for Disney products click here.
For Appropriate Use Guidelines for Custom Stamps click here.
For Appropriate Use Guidelines for Keds Shoes click here.

The Zazzle User Agreement

For a full description of our acceptable content guidelines, please see our User Agreement. Simply choose the link corresponding to your local Zazzle international portal.

The Zazzle Nonexclusive License Agreement

If you publish your product for sale, you must agree to our Nonexclusive License Agreement.

For a full description of our Copyright/IP Policy, click here.

The Fine Print:

1.                            We reserve the right to decline to use your uploaded image or text at our sole discretion.

2.                            Prior to uploading an image or text, you must read carefully and make certain you understand our User Agreement.

3.                            You may not upload an image or text that violates the Terms of Use.


You must own all rights (including copyright) in the image and text you upload or have the written permission of ALL persons who own (a) the rights to upload the image or text and (b) the rights to authorize the uses permitted in the User Agreement. If someone other than you is the owner of the image or appears in it or has created the text, you must obtain such permission from those persons. If you upload any image or text that violates our User Agreement, your account may be terminated.

By clicking “Make it now”, you certify that (a) you have read and agree to the User Agreement; (b) the image does not violate the User Agreement; (c) you own or have obtained all Rights necessary to upload this image and/or text and authorize the uses permitted in the User Agreement; and (d) you are granting Zazzle the license to make all such uses of the image and/or text.

Zazzle Marketplace

Famous Brands Marketplace

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by Stuccoloco --click to view details or to purchase

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How to Customize Kids Famous Brand Name T-shirts and Gifts-Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more


Click Here for all Selections

  First time ever!

     Never before have consumers been able to design and customize their own brand name products and order online.  Zazzle now makes this possible by hosting your favorite world famous brands on their site which is equipped with easy to use customization tools.  Follow the simple steps below.

1.  Start at, which has a dedicated section with characters and logos from your favorite Movies, Cartoons, and  TV shows.

2.  Select your favorite character, movie or show or view the featured artwork. Each selection will open a gallery of different designs to choose from. 

3.  Choose the design you like most. You can enlarge the selections for a closer look, add them to your favorites or email them to a friend. When you find the design you want, click on it. You can also click on the Mickey Mouse head icon labeled “Make It,” which appears below your chosen design. 

4.  Click on the “Make Shirt” icon on the next page. Other options include “Make Print,” “Make Stamp,” “Make Mug” and “Make Mouse Pad.”

5.  Pick a shirt color to match your design, a shirt style and a shirt size.

6.  Customize the shirt any way you want by clicking the orange “Customize It” button on the bottom right-hand side of the design window. You can move, resize, fit, rotate or center the design. You can also add your own images or text.  

7.  Check your design and then add it to your cart or save your design.

    Products are generally printed within 24 hours and on their way to you.  Give as a unique, customized gift or enjoy  your one-of-a-kind creation yourself. You are delighted or send it back!

 Harry Potter T-Shirts

Harry Potter T-Shirts

Disney, Star Wars, South Park, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter…The hard part is deciding which world famous brand to choose!   see Zazzle Marketplace

 Zazzle’s Shopping Guarantee

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