Color Coding for Matching/Coordinating Backgrounds and Text on Zazzle Products and Home Page

Too few choices?

When creating products on Zazzle, you may find it necessary or desirable to add a matching background color, frame or color text to your design.  If so, you will have also noticed that Zazzle provides a color chart box with a limited choice of colors.  This tutorial will show you how simple it is to customize your color choices.

Example-Greeting Card

Many Zazzle products allow you to add/change the background color of the product (your uploaded image will be ‘on top of’ this background color) you are designing.  Click the ‘Edit’ button just below the ‘Add Images’ button to see what you can change or add to a particular product.

In this case, click the ‘Edit’ button and you will see ‘Background’ which you click to see the color chart and all the colors Zazzle has made available for your use.  Notice the area I have circled and pointed to in the lower right of my example.  This is where you may enter a hex code (which identifies what color you wish to use) for any color you wish to use for the background.  This process allows you  to change the background to match or coordinate with your design or photo.  (This works as a background for text without a design as well). 

Where do I find the hex code?

If you are using photoshop or other program on your computer to create designs or to store your photos, merely open the file (design or photo) from which you wish to select a color (do this in a new window) and then click on the color box(circled in red in next example picture) to open the color picker box.  Click on the color in you photo or design you wish to match and you will see the Hex Code (circled in black), which is the number (or numbers and letters) identifying the color you have selected appear in the color picker box at lower right (circled in black).  Copy this code and paste it into the Zazzle box (after deleting/erasing existing code) from the first example picture (also circled in black) on your product design page.  Now click any blank area to force the change to occur. 

Text Custom Color

This is done in the same way but in a different area.  Click the ‘Add Text’ box and type in your greeting, slogan, messages etc… and click OK.  You will see a square showing the current color of the text to the immediate right of  an f, (which is what you click to change the font) and a number showing the current size of the text (which is what you click to change the font style).  Click the square to see color choices.  Now follow the same instructions from above to change the text color to the one you wish to use instead.

How do I customize the colors on my storefront?

 This is done the same way.  click ‘Store’ in your ‘My account’ section.  You will be taken to the ‘Manage’ section.  (With multiple stores, you will need to choose which store you would like to make changes to.  Click ‘manage’ to the right of the store name).  Click ‘Edit Appearance’ and you will see boxes next to the various sections and texts currently appearing on your store front.  Click a box to see your color choices and proceed in the same manner discussed above.

What if I do not have access to a color picker tool?

No problem! use the on-line color picker HERE.

Knowing this little Zazzle tip will save you time when designing products on Zazzle, and can greatly enhance the appearance of your design.  See examples below.

With no background color change

My Virgin of Guadalupe “I Love You” card at left has no back ground color added.  I added the text in a coordinating color. The background defaults to white in this case.

The same image, which I had created with a white background, is seen below with a matching red background and a coordinating text color.   The original image sits on top of the background color.

Example of a store front with coordinating colors.  I designed the Header first, uploaded and then matched and coordinated test colors, page color, and pod colors to make an aesthetically pleasing Home Page.  Tubac Presidio Park 

Example of a store front using two colors effectively:  Holiday Hearts Business Cards

My Zazzle Store Stuccoloco 

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