How to Customize Kids Famous Brand Name T-shirts and Gifts-Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more


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  First time ever!

     Never before have consumers been able to design and customize their own brand name products and order online.  Zazzle now makes this possible by hosting your favorite world famous brands on their site which is equipped with easy to use customization tools.  Follow the simple steps below.

1.  Start at, which has a dedicated section with characters and logos from your favorite Movies, Cartoons, and  TV shows.

2.  Select your favorite character, movie or show or view the featured artwork. Each selection will open a gallery of different designs to choose from. 

3.  Choose the design you like most. You can enlarge the selections for a closer look, add them to your favorites or email them to a friend. When you find the design you want, click on it. You can also click on the Mickey Mouse head icon labeled “Make It,” which appears below your chosen design. 

4.  Click on the “Make Shirt” icon on the next page. Other options include “Make Print,” “Make Stamp,” “Make Mug” and “Make Mouse Pad.”

5.  Pick a shirt color to match your design, a shirt style and a shirt size.

6.  Customize the shirt any way you want by clicking the orange “Customize It” button on the bottom right-hand side of the design window. You can move, resize, fit, rotate or center the design. You can also add your own images or text.  

7.  Check your design and then add it to your cart or save your design.

    Products are generally printed within 24 hours and on their way to you.  Give as a unique, customized gift or enjoy  your one-of-a-kind creation yourself. You are delighted or send it back!

 Harry Potter T-Shirts

Harry Potter T-Shirts

Disney, Star Wars, South Park, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter…The hard part is deciding which world famous brand to choose!   see Zazzle Marketplace

 Zazzle’s Shopping Guarantee

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